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With extensive experience in the clothing industry, Hawthorne Apparel offers an unparalleled blend of cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality. Serving major brands and emerging startups alike, our commitment to delivering top-notch results is unwavering. Explore the excellence that Hawthorne Apparel brings to the table, elevating your production standards.

Look no further for cost-effective rates and high-quality apparel production. Hawthorne Apparel, a leading clothing manufacturer, is your comprehensive solution for all your apparel needs. Adhering to international standards in garment production, we implement rigorous quality control systems and cutting-edge technologies. Choose Hawthorne Apparel for excellence in every aspect.

Our Services

  • Manufacturing

    Hawthorne Apparel presents a diverse range of custom embroidery choices designed to suit your garment preferences. Whether you have a specific vision or seek creative guidance for a captivating design, we're ready to help. Share your requirements, and let us create the ideal embroidery design to enhance the charm of your custom clothing.

    Hawthorne Apparel presents a diverse range of custom embroidery choices designed to suit your garment preferences. Whether you have a specific vision or seek creative guidance for a captivating design, we're ready to help. Share your requirements, and let us create the ideal embroidery design to enhance the charm of your custom clothing.
  • Sublimation Printing

    Transform your clothing designs into beautiful artwork with Hawthorne Apparel's Sublimation Printing. Our specialized process ensures your vision is captured with vivid colors and precision. Upgrade your clothing collection with unique prints that make a lasting impression. Let Hawthorne Apparel boost your creativity through top-notch Sublimation Printing.

    At Hawthorne Apparel, we revolutionize the printing process with unmatched precision. Our comprehensive printing services cover a range of techniques, including DTF printing, DTG printing, and classic Screen Printing. Whether you desire vibrant colors or intricate details, we guarantee your designs will flourish with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Rely on us for a printing experience that stands apart from the rest in the market.

Exclusive Categories !

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Sports Wear

Gear up for success with our premium sports wear collection. Experience unmatched comfort and style on and off the field.

fitness wear pic

Fitness Wear

Experience excellence in our premium fitness wear – unbeatable comfort and style for seamless transitions from the gym to daily life.

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Work Wear

Experience the perfect blend of professionalism and comfort in our tailored workwear collection, ensuring a polished look and all-day ease.


Goal Keeper Gloves

Defend your goal confidently with our top-quality gloves, engineered for optimal performance and unmatched protection on the field.


We are a bespoke clothing manufacturer and fabrics export house based in Sialkot, Pakistan

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we live by

True values

True values never go out of fashion. Step into a wardrobe that aligns with your authenticity and embraces timeless elegance.

Effortless Elegance

Simplicity in design, sophistication in style – our collection embodies the essence of effortless elegance.


Step into the future of fashion with our innovative collection, where style meets cutting-edge design.

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Qualities that Distinguish Hawthrone Apparel
Among Leading Clothing Manufacturers



We never sell low-quality products. You need a manufacturer that's committed to making high-quality items. At Hawthrone Apparel, we make sure your products are top-notch through careful quality checks. We always follow the highest standards, and every piece of clothing meets and goes beyond international quality standards before it gets to you.



Not every clothing maker follows strict quality rules, but Hawthrone Apparel shines among safety clothing producers. We are unwavering in our commitment to top-notch product quality. Your satisfaction is our main focus, and our strict quality checks make us stand out. Trust Hawthrone Apparel, and you won't get a faulty product.



Hawthrone Apparel has become one of the top clothing sellers. Over the years, we've consistently given high-quality products to people around the world, making us a trusted choice in clothing making. With lots of experience and happy customers, we proudly stand among the best clothing makers. When you're looking for clothing makers, consider our experience—a key thing that makes us different. Trust Hawthrone Apparel, a seasoned and reliable option among clothing making companies.


Discover answers to common queries in our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still have inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at the provided email address. We’re here to assist you.

What is the pricing for clothing manufacturing?

Determining the cost of clothing manufacturing is contingent on factors such as quantity, the type of materials employed, and the extent of customizations requested. As such, there is no fixed answer to this question.

What is the timeframe for manufacturing my clothes?

The duration for the complete manufacturing of your clothes is influenced by factors such as order quantity, product type, and various other considerations. The scale of production, whether it’s on a large or small scale, also plays a role. Typically, many manufacturers take approximately 3-4 months to fulfill an order. However, we prioritize efficiency in clothing manufacturing. Our use of advanced automated machines and streamlined processes allows us to expedite production without compromising on quality.

What are the quality standards in place for your products?
In terms of quality, what standards does Hawthrone Apparel adhere to? We exclusively produce top-tier products, subjecting all items to rigorous quality controls and ensuring compliance with international quality standards.
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